Improve Business Outcomes with VCE Vblock Systems

VBlock Business Value

IDC interviewed 16 VCE Vblock customers to understand the impact converged infrastructure deployments have on the ability to deploy and scale new services, free up IT resources and reduce operating costs.

IDC found that, by using Vblock Systems, the organisations recorded improved business outcomes and that those improvements are increasingly driving IT investment decisions.

In addition, IDC calculated that the VCE customers will generate five-year discounted benefits worth an average of $384,202 per 100 users by using Vblock, which will result in an average return-on-investment (ROI) of 518% and a payback period of 7.5 months.

Additional headline statistics which were independently verified by IDC include:

  • 6 X more applications deployed
  • 96% reduction in downtime
  • 4 X faster time to market for new services
  • 41% less time spent keeping the lights on

It also found that as organisations continue to migrate their data centre infrastructure to converged systems, they will be introducing greater levels of flexibility into their IT environments and better positioning themselves as 3rd platform innovators.

Download the full IDC whitepaper here.

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