iiyama Improving Work Force Productivity

According to many reports, the use of a second screen can improve productivity of each individual member of a work force by up to 50%, saving as much as 2.5 hours per day. iiyama recognise that we live in times where workers are demanded to manipulate multiple applications and analyse far more data than we used to.

Furthermore, the number of different communication platforms has increased with people regularly handling information from Skype, Teams and Email channels simultaneously. Keeping this in mind, iiyama have a range of displays and monitor arms which can be used to create not only space saving, but superb productivity tools for workers.

Using a range of displays from 22” to 27” and combined with a monitor arm, you can create a flexible workspace that suits any demanding environment. Ultra wide screens also offer improved productivity. However, in some cases being able to flip one screen into portrait mode and keeping the other in landscape offers some unique flexibility to a creative work space. Within the educational sector for example, academics often appreciate having two screens in portrait to review publications or review student work.

Examples of dual screen solutions could be comprised of iiyama XU2492HSU-B1 super slim LCD displays, with IPS LCD for better viewing angles (https://iiyama.com/gl_en/products/prolite-xu2492hsu-b1/) and the iiyama Dual Gas Assist Arm (https://iiyama.com/gl_en/products/ds3002c-b1/) which can be merged into one to create a flexible dual screen solution.

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