IBM Spectrum Virtualize: Flexibility for Everyone

Effective storage solutions are key for businesses around the globe. Not only do they enable the storage of the most critical data, but they provide easy access, and in most cases, fantastic protection. Therefore, storage is not a luxury but a necessity for thriving businesses.

SCC and IBM introduce IBM Spectrum Virtualize, simplifies infrastructure and eliminates differences in management, function and hybrid multicloud support, reinventing your storage solutions.

Introducing IBM Spectrum Virtualize

IBM’s Spectrum Virtualize delivers next-level capabilities for a storage system like no other. Essentially, the system combines both software and hardware in a comprehensive, modular appliance, providing symmetric virtualisation.

Benefits and Features

The right software-defined storage (SDS) is the answer. IBM Spectrum® Virtualize software, simplifies infrastructure and eliminates differences in management, function and hybrid multicloud support, it introduces a common approach to storage management, function, replication and hybrid multicloud that’s independent of storage type. The common approach is the key to modernizing and revitalizing your storage. IBM SAN Volume Controller provides:

  • Move data without disruption among storage systems.
  • Bridge to new storage technologies or application areas, such as containers.
  • Add consistent hybrid cloud capability to your storage.
  • Data reduction. Store more data on the storage you already own to support growing volumes of data or to avoid new purchases.
  • Improve cyber resiliency by encrypting data at rest.

Spectrum Virtualize customers will benefit from a number of unique features, unrivalled flexibility, reduced costs and much more.

Whats so special about it ?

  • Improved Storage Utilisation

Customers gain peace of mind that their storage space is being used to its full potential.

  • Improved Application Availability and Simplified Data Migrations

Improved application availability and simplified data migrations ensure customers experience limited downtime, minimising the risk of revenue loss.

  • Simplified Storage Management

Improves performance whilst protecting against data loss.

Find out more about IBM Spectrum Storage HERE

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Cyber Resiliency Assessment

In 2021, extensive studies predicted cyber attacks would occur every 11 seconds. This meant businesses all over the globe needed to tighten their cyber security efforts immediately. Without fast action, they would put themselves at risk of major disruption to normal operations, losing valuable data, customers and damaging their reputation.

SCC and IBM offer a Cyber Resiliency Assessment which evaluates the current data protection state of your environment, identifies gaps, strengths and weaknesses and results in an effective cyber resiliency roadmap tailored for your business, helping you avoid future disruption caused by user error, ransomware attacks and other security threats.

Learn more about the IBM Cyber Resiliency Assessment HERE

Why SCC and IBM?

With an incredible 40-year partnership, SCC is the UK’s first IBM Platinum Business Partner. We collaborate to deliver next-level solutions, helping businesses amplify their operations with world-class tech, including top-notch storage, whilst prioritising optimum safety and security. For added peace of mind, our dedicated experts are always by your side when you need us most – even when faced with destructive cyber attacks. This is what incredible tech solutions truly look like.

Learn more about the SCC and IBM Partnership HERE

Introducing the New Look SCC IBM Engagement Centre

The SCC and IBM Engagement Centre is a handy portal for all businesses, recently redesigned for even easier navigation and ease-of-use. Businesses can explore our comprehensive range of innovative solutions built upon IBM technologies.

The unique centre showcases different rooms, taking you through a journey of discovery, design, supply, management and optimisation for tailor made offerings. No matter what the solution a business is looking for, we’re confident we can deliver the best possible outcomes.


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