IBM Flash Momentum

IBM Flash Momentum is a new, fully flexible offering from IBM that refreshes your system after 3 years with no lock in. It is part of the comprehensive IBM FlashWatch program, which gives you complete confidence around the Acquisition, Operation and Upgrade phases of your storage lifecycle with IBM FlashSystem.

Drive Down costs

If you’re thinking of investing in flash, cost is probably a major factor in your decision-making process and with most IT budgets staying fairly flat, you’ll need to maximise performance while maintaining low costs. Keep the following factors in mind to get the most value from your next storage solution.

Workload scalability

Don’t get a van when a compact car will do. If you have a less demanding workload, you’ll save money by choosing the flash storage product that’s the right size for your company’s needs. Look for a mature suite of solutions that let you
compare multiple products with different capacities.

Computing resources

End to end NVMe flash solutions actually cut back on overall IT expenses. With high speeds that eliminate storage-related infrastructure bottlenecks, flash lets you support larger workloads.

Storage installation needs

Flash storage requires less space to store the same amount of data. When you invest in flash, you save money by cutting back on costs associated with additional space and management requirements.

Efficient solutions

Flash modules use less power than hard drives. You can lower costs even further by paying close attention to power efficiency. Because flash modules use less power than hard drives, they have lower energy expenses.


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Why we choose IBM?

SCC has partnered with IBM for almost 40 years; SCC bridges the gap between business needs and technology to deliver world-class solutions. We know IBM inside out, from its technology to its people and vision, and whatever we do together delivers the strongest, most
agile solution.

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