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Turbonomic QuickStart Services

Build your customers AI-powered Application Resource Management (ARM) platform with experienced guidance from IBM Cloud and Cognitive Expert Labs.

Turbonomic AI-powered Application Resource Management simultaneously optimizes performance, compliance, and cost in real time

Turbonomic Consulting Service – 10 days

Discover and Architecture

This workshop will:

  • Deliver a series of discovery sessions to assess business priorities and requirements
  • Identify pilot solutions and systems for Turbonomic Integration
  • Define the architecture and requirements for deploying Turbonomic
  • Define the scope and plan for platform building and launching the Turbonomic solution


  • A report detailing the architecture for potential infrastructure/solution, and pilot deployment plan
Installation and Configuration

installation activities:

  • Download Turbonomic installation package
  • Deploy IBM ARM
  • Setup and configure as per published installation guide
  • Verify a successful installation
  • Sign-off of installation by client infrastructure team


  • Functional validated Turbonomic environment
  • Turbonomic Configuration documentation
ARM Platform Launch

Activities will include:

  • Identify and document targets
  • Update and configure targets
  • Validate successful connection to targets and data access
  • Review and validate supply chain risks and associated actions
  • Review and discuss applicable dashboards
  • Review and validate automation results
  • Sign-off with solution owners


  • Working workload placement automation for scoped automation Working capacity management dashboards

Click HERE to Download the Turbonomic Quickstart services client presentation

For more information, please contact Steve Mecklenburgh at [email protected]

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