IBM and RedHat Containerisation – the Future of IT Infrastructure

As your business operations start to grow, so do your IT systems. This in itself can present challenges and put immense pressure on your IT infrastructure when trying to meet business critical objectives.

Pressure Points

  • Increasing IT infrastructure costs
  • Need for rapid application development – true DevOps
  • Need for portability of workloads in a hybrid cloud environment

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Built by Red Hat, OpenShift is a security-focused, consistent foundation to deliver applications anywhere. It enables organisations to focus on what matters most so they can stay competitive and meet customer expectations faster. Red Hat OpenShift has everything needed for hybrid cloud, enterprise container, and Kubernetes development and deployments. It includes an enterprise-grade Linux operating system, container runtime, networking, monitoring, container registry, authentication, and authorisation solutions.

What are the benefits?

  • Integrated platform including container host, Kubernetes, and application life-cycle management using your choice of infrastructure
  • Greater value from operations and development teams throughout the application life cycle
  • More secure, validated container content and services from a wide partner ecosystem
  • Faster application development cycles and more frequent software deployments with simpler installations and upgrades
  • Lower IT operations costs and application portability across hybrid cloud and multi-cloud footprints

Click here to read the Red Hat OpenShift Datasheet.

What are IBM Cloud Paks?

IBM Cloud Paks are enterprise-ready, containerised software solutions that give organisations an open, faster and more secure way to move core business applications to any cloud. Each Cloud Pak includes containerised IBM middleware and common software services for development and management, on top of a common integration layer — designed to reduce development time by up to 84 percent and operational expenses by up to 75 percent.

Click here to read the IBM Cloud Paks Datasheet.

Why SCC?

Successful implementation of the IBM Cloud Paks requires a degree of professional services skills and best practices. SCC is strongly placed to help you on every step of that journey – from best advice, to the migration of specific workloads; the building of new cloud ready applications and the management of your whole IT environment. We can bring the best skills to your business as required.

How to get started

SCC can offer a one day Discovery Workshop to identify appropriate workloads that we could build a containerisation Proof of Concept (PoC) project around. We also have a Red Hat OpenShift demonstration and PoC environment within our own secure data centre facility and would be very happy to host your project and help you identify the real value of containerisation to your organisation.

Please watch this webinar recording by IBM, Red Hat and SCC which explains more by clicking here.

Power your Journey with Red Hat OpenShift

SCC supports our customers’ journeys to the cloud, with Red Hat OpenShift serving as a consistent hybrid cloud foundation for building and running containerised applications for long-term innovation. Power business transformation and unite your teams on a cost-effective, single platform to quickly deliver the exceptional experiences your customers expect, wherever they are.

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected].

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