HPE’s Top 5 Moments from the Third Quarter

From launching a supercomputer into space with our friends at NASA and SpaceX, to building the world’s most secure server, here are some of HPE’s best recent accomplishments

1. We launched a supercomputer into space

We recently launched a supercomputer into space as part of a year-long experiment in partnership with NASA. The goal is for the system to operate seamlessly in the harsh conditions of space for one year—roughly the length of time that it will take to travel to Mars. We’re excited to play a role in developing the kind of technology that could someday take us there. The supercomputer launched in Elon Musk’s SpaceX CRS-12 rocket on August 14, and is currently on board the International Space Station. More updates on this project to come.

2. We unveiled a new paradigm in computing

In May, we introduced the world’s largest single-memory computer, a milestone in Memory-Driven Computing and The Machine research project. Our Memory-Driven Computing architecture streamlines the way memory, storage and processors work in order to create real-time intelligence at a vast scale.

The prototype can hold 160 terabytes of memory—just imagine the information from 160 million books—and we designed the architecture to scale into the thousands of yottabytes. With this amount of memory, you could simultaneously work with every piece of data on Facebook, every trip from Google’s autonomous vehicles, or all the data that would be required to send a spacecraft to Mars.

3. We’re building game changing products

At HPE Discover in June, we announced the world’s most secure industry standard server. HPE is the only company that embeds proprietary silicon-based security into its industry standard servers. This approach addresses firmware attacks, which are one of the biggest threats facing enterprises and governments today.

We also launched Project New Stack, which brings together our industry leading OneView platform with a new multi-cloud management capability, as well as key software assets like Cloud Cruiser, to create a truly unique software-defined approach to hybrid IT management.

4. We have completed the spin-merge of our software business with Micro Focus

HPE completed the spin and merger of its Software business with Micro Focus on September 1. With the completion of this transaction, HPE has achieved a major milestone in becoming a stronger, more focused company, purpose-built to compete and win in today’s market.

5. We kicked off a new program called HPE Next

At HPE, we’re always looking forward towards what comes next. With the completion of the spin and merger of our Software business behind us, we have the opportunity to create an internal structure and operating model for HPE that is simpler, nimbler and faster. To that end, this quarter we announced a program we are calling HPE Next. The goal of HPE Next is to produce an organization that is precisely built to compete and win in the marketplace. Expect to hear more about HPE Next over the coming quarters.


Additional Resources

You can hear more about our financial performance in the quarter on our fiscal 2017 Q3 earnings call on September 5th at 2pm PT at www.hpe.com/investor/2017Q3webcast.

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