HP Promises to Revolutionise 3D Printing with the Announcement of HP Voxel

3d-printerThe brand new HP Voxel 3D Printer promises to reinvent the way businesses create prototypes, by producing quality, functional parts up to 10x faster than traditional methods and at half the cost.

Users have access to advanced and custom print modes, to control mechanical, functional and aesthetic properties, accuracy and speed.

HP is accepting orders now, ready to be shipped to customers and partners in October 2016 in the UK, western Europe, the US and Canada, with the rest of Europe and APAC having to wait until the end of 2017.

Studies by industry specialist Canalys predict that the 3D printing market will continue to increase, achieving a value of $4.9bn by the end of 2016 and continuing to grow to $22.4bn by 2020.


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