HP Inc Has Big Plans for First ‘Mini’ Workstation

HP Z2HP Inc has unveiled what it says is ‘the world’s first mini workstation’ designed for users in CAD and other demanding applications.

Just 2.3-inches high it is, HP Inc noted, ‘shorter than a cup of espresso’; and at only 8.5-inches square, the stylish device is 90% smaller than a traditional business-class tower. HP claims it to be twice as powerful as any commercial mini PC on the market today. It can support six displays without any modification.

HP Z Workstations have become the standard choice for CAD customers. Significantly, HP chose to launch the Z2 Mini at the Autodesk University, and AutoCAD users will be amongst the prime targets for the new compact offering.

The HP Z2 Mini was designed for CAD users who are now demanding smaller hardware without compromising on performance and reliability. It can support powerful software and it’s aesthetically pleasing too, so it has all the right qualities to appeal to engineers and designer professionals. AutoCAD users will be one of the obvious groups targeted, but there is potential for this remarkably small device right across the market.

The Z2 Mini is equipped with next-generation Intel Xeon processors and Nvidia professional graphics. An HP Z Turbo Drive, which can handle large files remarkably fast is available as an option. It can run Windows 10 Pro or Linux.


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