HP Aims to Capitalise on Rising Rates of Interest in Chrome

HP ChromeBOokHP is looking to accelerate adoption of Chromebooks for serious use in both the public and commercial sectors and is already attracting attention with its new Core m-based, 13.3-inch all-metal design.

The new HP Chromebook 13 is one of the first devices of its class to make use of the Intel Core m processor, giving good performance and plenty of battery power time. The new all-metal design is attractive to the eye and HP is also making a docking station available for the device, making it much better-suited to government and office-based use.

The system can come with a Full HD 1080p screen or upgraded a 3200 x 1800 display. There are various configurations available with as little as 2GB RAM or as much as 16GB when the device is fully-populated. All models come with 32GB of eMMC storage and a backlit keyboard and track-pad.

Chromebooks are attracting a lot of interest from local and central government where there is a strong drive to reduce costs quite dramatically in some areas and are seen as a way to balance the need for new mobile solutions with the need to reduce capital and operational costs.

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