How to Build a True Multi-Cloud Service with Nutanix

When visions are aligned across a team of real believers, anything is possible.

Over our last eight months at Nutanix, we thought a lot about expanding our joint multi-cloud vision, with three key focus areas:

  1. Design. The first thing that we asked ourselves when we sat down with the Nutanix team was “how can we make your life easier?” In fact, how can we make things so easy that you can use Frame with no prior VDI admin experience?
  2. Security. From talking to hundreds of customers, we know that your company’s data is your most important asset. So we put dozens of built-in security features into Frame. That’s why Frame is the only Desktop-as-a-Service with FedRAMP Ready certification, which is especially important for our Public Sector customers
  3. Speed. In today’s world, speed is everything. If you move faster – your business grows faster. Our solution delivers innovation to you all the time, instead of shipping software once or twice a year.

From Frame’s early days in 2013, we envisioned a 1-click, secure, cloud service. We thought really hard about what it means to have a control plane in the cloud, to manage multiple clouds, and to run things at web scale as we operated workloads on the hyper-clouds of Azure and AWS.

But the most important thing that we’ve done was to listen to our customers and partners. And what we heard was very clear: they want a choice of running desktops in the public cloud and on-prem.

Earlier today, at Nutanix .NEXT in Anaheim, we shared with the 7,000+ attendees that you can now use Frame to provision one-click virtual desktops on your own Nutanix cluster running AHV. For more details, please visit our FAQ page.

Getting Frame to add fully-integrated workload support for Nutanix has been an incredible effort by our entire engineering team, led by Nemanja Stanarevic and Darko Ilic. Engineers in both the US and Serbia worked around the clock to make the experience as smooth and as simple as possible. The time to set up a cluster for use with the Frame service clocks in at under 90 seconds!

Nutanix: a lot more than storage

Being part of Nutanix gave us an opportunity to leverage not only the great core of AOS and AHV, but all the other cool products, like Files, Flow, and Volumes. In fact, we’re using almost the entire Nutanix portfolio to make things better.

Getting started with Frame on Nutanix

To start using Frame on Nutanix, create a Frame account through Until we ship a plugin for Prism 5.11, you’ll be able to download and install the Frame Cloud Connector Appliance (Frame CCA) from the Nutanix support portal. With the release of Prism 5.11, you will be able to start the process of preparing and connecting your cluster to Frame directly from your Prism Central settings page.

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