How Do Organisations Plan to Ensure Application Delivery in a Multi-Cloud World?

Organisations are actively pursuing solutions that address application delivery in a multi-cloud world. A solution that ensures applications, regardless of where they reside, are simply and reliably delivered to users – when, where, and how they need them. Citrix and IDC partnered to understand current challenges and needs with respect to application delivery in hybrid/multi-cloud environments.

IDC surveyed 900 global organisations — cloud adopters with multi-cloud environments. Out of these 900, 72.3% of cloud users have a mix of on-prem/off-prem clouds. Enterprises are embracing multi-cloud to accommodate existing and new applications, to gain organisational agility, to ensure applications reside in optimized environments, and to protect against cloud lock-in. On average 82% believe their organisations ability to migrate apps to the cloud is hindered by the increased complexity of their network infrastructure, which was a shared belief across North America, Latin America, Western Europe and Asia.

As well as this it was found that networks are currently not satisfying application delivery of today’s organisation. In fact, 36% of those who took part in the study believe their network does not satisfy current needs, while 40% said it satisfied only some. A significantly larger amount that the 24% who were satisfied by their hybrid cloud application delivery.

The data collected by Citrix shows that organisations globally share a strong appetite for reassessing their network infrastructure. In fact 79% of business worldwide plan to address application distribution via a unified application-delivery strategy, the largest being 88% in North America and Asia/Pacific, Japan the lowest at 69%.

There are many benefits to adopting a unified application delivery strategy including increased IT efficiency, reduced risk of security breaches and giving extra time to IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives. Moreover, a unified application delivery strategy addresses the top inhibitors to migrating apps to the cloud: security and compliance and cost.

Citrix are trusted and highly respected in their field. IDC named Citrix a leader in the 2017 MarketScape for Enterprise Mobility Management and, for the 10th year, have been awarded Application Delivery Controllers leader by Gartner. You can find out more about Citrix here.

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