How Big Data Can Help Businesses Acquire, Grow and Retain Customers

Big Data and Analytics allow organisations to gather invaluable information, such as who their best customer are and how to keep them satisfied, as well as where/how to find more customers like them.


Three Key Areas to Drive Use of Big Data and Analytics:

1. Build a culture that infuses analytics everywhere.Empower all employees to make data-based decisions, instead of relying on instinct and past experience.
2. Be proactive about privacy, security and governance. Ensure that the data being analysed is safe, secure and accurate.
3. Invest in a big data and analytics platform that is tuned to the task of handling all types of data and analytics, regardless of form or function.

Benefits of Big Data:

  • Optimise the efficiency of operational processes and systems
  • Reduce waste and fraud with real-time visibility into your business
  • Adopting a big data and analytics strategy can help you plan, manage and maximise operations, supply chains and the use of infrastructure assets.
  • Gain the insights you need to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and productivity, and limit threats;
  • Transform financial and management processes;
  • Real-time access to reliable information about all aspects of your business;
  • The visibility, insight and control over financial performance to better measure, monitor and shape business outcomes;
  • Analyse all of your data, including big data, to drive enterprise agility and provide insights to help you make better decisions about business strategy and human capital management.
  • Mitigate financial and operational risks that could devastate your organisation

IBM offer a range of solutions specifically crafted to support your business in achieving greater insight using big data.

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