Hitachi Storage Adviser

IT departments are constantly dealing with continuous data growth and accompanying technological complexities while being asked to do more with less. Ease of implementation and management become key issues as limited staff resources are expected to manage diverse storage infrastructure assets. The need to simplify IT resource administration becomes paramount, to continue to rapidly deploy infrastructure resources in support of new business applications.

Hitachi Storage Advisor (formerly Hitachi Infrastructure Director) is a common configuration management application for the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) family that reduces storage management complexities. This software enables a simplified, unified and extensible approach to managing storage across data types, including both block and file. Use intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and recommended configuration practices to streamline your system configurations and storage provisioning operations. Easily provision storage for your new business applications and file servers without having to fully understand all underlying storage infrastructure details. By abstracting management complexities, Storage Advisor provides centralized management across the VSP family and reduces the numbers of steps to properly configure, optimise and deploy new storage resources.

Storage Advisor provides comprehensive administrative capabilities: It covers configuration, storage pool and volume creation, replication and monitoring, which enable end-to-end management of the IT infrastructure life cycle. Smart, guided configuration workflows include system configurations based on recommended practices to streamline system deployments for both block and file requirements. Storage resources are automatically grouped and categorised into tiered storage service profiles, such as gold, silver and bronze. This structure facilitates rapid storage infrastructure definition and alignment to your mission-critical business applications. It ensures applications and file servers are receiving the proper storage service levels for capacity and performance.

Hitachi Data Systems Global Services offers storage consultants, proven tools and methodologies, and a comprehensive portfolio of service offerings to help you optimize alignment of storage to your business requirements. Assessment, planning and design, installation, management and support services leverage Hitachi Storage Advisor. This will help organisations to efficiently manage and automate their management practices, and realise the benefits of Storage Advisor quickly.

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