Hitachi Content Platform: Enterprise-Class, Backup-Free Cloud and Archive

Unstructured data growth and application proliferation continue to accelerate. These developments lead to increased server and storage sprawl, with numerous silos of infrastructure supporting traditional and new workloads.

Hitachi Content Platform is an object storage solution that enables IT organisations and cloud service providers to store, share, sync, protect, preserve, analyse and retrieve file data from a single system. It is more efficient, easier to use, and capable of handling much more data than traditional file storage solutions. HCP automates day-today IT operations like data protection and readily evolves to changes in scale, scope, applications, storage, server and cloud technologies over the life of data. In IT environments where data grows quickly or must live for years, decades or even indefinitely, these capabilities are invaluable.

Hitachi Content Platform eliminates the need for a siloed approach to storing unstructured content. The platform provides massive scale, multiple storage tiers, powerful security, Hitachi reliability, cloud capabilities, broad protocol support, multitenancy and configurable attributes for each tenant. It can support a wide range of applications on a single physical cluster and is backed by a thriving community of third-party software partners. With access to a robust ecosystem of cloud applications, Hitachi Content Platform can solve a wide range of current problems and adapt to meet future needs.

The platform can handle all kinds of data and almost any application. It offers high reliability, massive scale, seamless data mobility and storage across private clouds and public cloud services, encryption, access control, easy provisioning, chargeback measurement and more. The HCP G series access nodes allow organisations greater flexibility to support mixed workloads with varying performance and scale requirements. These nodes virtualise capacity from Hitachi Content Platform S series nodes, local drives, Fibre Channel storage arrays, NFS shares, and leading public cloud providers. HCP drastically reduces total cost of ownership and provides cost-effective storage with geographically dispersed erasure coding data protection for content that must remain behind the firewall. Such attributes enable IT to take advantage of cloud and deliver a whole new range of IT services, without compromising security and control of information.

Hitachi Content Platform provides more capabilities, flexibility, configurability and input options for you to take advantage of cloud in your own way. It simplifies management via automation to ensure efficiency, reliability, data mobility and accessibility of your organizations’ data. With HCP you can not only address today’s challenges around storing and protecting data but also set yourself up for the next big thing.

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