Hitachi Content Intelligence: Data Transformation and Exploration Solution

Enterprises are putting increasing importance on data as we now live in a 24/7 connected world that is fuelled by information. New content is coming into the enterprise at breakneck speed in a host of formats, on top of the mountains of legacy data it is already maintaining. The challenge for businesses is how to disseminate this data and make it work in their favour.

What if you could aggregate all of your organisational data (internal or external), classify and categorise it, and allow your knowledge workers to independently explore it? Imagine the benefits to the organisation when data is used to determine trends, discover new opportunities, and make informed decisions from aggregated and related data sets. Imagine continuously optimising primary IT infrastructure by preventing data from going dark.

Organisations must address the challenges of exploring and discovering relevant, valuable and factual information across a growing number of data producers and siloed repositories. They need a solution that surfaces rapid insights from data that is both big and deep.

Hitachi Content Intelligence enables organisations to turn multistructured data into valuable business information. Content Intelligence aggregates that data to create a centralised information hub for your workforce to explore, discover and surface actionable business insights quickly.

Hitachi Content Intelligence automates the extraction, classification, enrichment and categorisation of data residing on both Hitachi Vantara and third-party repositories, located on-premises and in clouds, and across heterogeneous data repositories (internal and external). This approach drastically reduces time spent searching for what is needed, or recreating what already exists.

Hitachi Content Intelligence is a data recommendations solution, built upon the feature-richness, scalability and extensibility of an open-core architecture. Integrating, packaging and extending open source ensures that Content Intelligence has a mature and broadly adopted code-base that is already in use in many industries, verticals and in many applications. As a result, the Hitachi solution appeals to a very active developer community. They can use the extensible nature of the product to integrate it with your other services, or to create new solutions and user experiences tailored for your audience.

Content Intelligence takes advantage of the collocation of its data and indexes with its query services, to generate recommendations from enterprise data. The recommendations are based on user requests. These may come from the solution’s first applicable use-case – Search, or through a user experience where Content Intelligence is integrated into an existing application or used to create a customer application.

As the market leader in digital transformation, Hitachi Vantara is uniquely positioned to help enterprises to incorporate digital discovery into their organisation. The Hitachi Content Intelligence solution effectively exposes insights for faster decision-making, productivity improvements and business risk reduction.

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