Hacker Finds Quick Trick to Access Locked iPhone Data Through Siri

SiriA frighteningly simple way of accessing personal data on any iPhone with the latest iOS 9 update has been revealed, compromising the security of personal data such as contacts and photos.

By entering incorrect passwords on a locked device multiple times, you will be able to access Siri. This gives hackers the option to ask the time, opening the clock menu. From here, they can enter text into the “Choose a city” menu and share it.

By selecting to share this information, you are given the option of adding a photo from the phone’s image library, allowing you to view any photos on the device. From here you can also choose to add a new contact, giving you full access to any contact information stored on the phone.

Apple has fixed this exploit in iOS patch 9.0.1, but many are still at risk.

To protect your device, simply disable Siri or update to the latest version.

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