Give Your Servers and Applications a 40-GBPS Performance Injection

Cisco BiDirectional (BiDi) optical technology means you can support higher performance without disruption and rewiring. Just what the doctor ordered.

Quadruple the capacity of a standard server rack.

The rise of cloud applications, big data, and mobile and virtual workloads is taxing your data centre performance and capacity. And while your organisation could really benefit from a new switching infrastructure, the upgrade can seem daunting and costly. But it doesn’t have to be. Cisco 40-Gbps bi-directional optical technology lets you give your data centre a speed boost without the traditional rewiring headaches.

The speed your servers and apps want—the capacity your organisation needs.

Download “Top Five Things to Know about Cisco BiDi Optical Technology” and upgrade to 40 Gbps:

Top Five Things to Know about Cisco BiDi Optical

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