Get the Insights Into Your Red Hat Estate With a Free Health Check

SCC are driven by customer outcomes and ensuring that technology investment delivers expected value to your organisation as well as return on investment.  As a platinum partner, SCC can assist you with our Red Hat Insights service.

The Red Hat lnsights assessment is a free process with predictive risk analytics for organisations to measure and remediate issues with their current Red Hat estate. The Red Hat lnsights assessment utilises a 30 day trial of Red Hat lnsights (‘RHI’), Red Hats operations management SaaS platform.

Throughout the 30 day process, RHI logs metrics from connected RHEL servers to identify risks and configuration issues as well as suggestions on how to resolve them.  Issues and risks can then be remediated to improve the performance and security of a customer’s environment

At the end of the 30 day assessment period you can choose to keep Red Hat lnsights and purchase a subscription or end the trial.

The end user receives a “free” overview of their Red Hat estate and gets to sample the capabilities of Red Hat lnsights in a guided fashion with the partner managing the process.

What is Red Hat lnsights?

Red Hat lnsights automates IT troubleshooting by retrieving system specific information from Red Hat platforms and offering custom advice on how to remediate security risks and issues. Red Hat lnsights allows you to identify critical issues before they cause issues. RHI is tightly integrated with Ansible ( and as risks are identified, Ansible playbooks can be configured to action remediation on afflicted systems. Issues can be grouped together and using the planning feature, multiple issues can be resolved by a single Ansible Playbook. RHI is a comprehensive platform grouping together Red Hat systems.

By determining and remediating configuration, security and performance issues this can drive better value based delivery from Red Hat technology investment.

How Can SCC Help?

If you have Red Hat deployed, contact SCC to arrange your health check.

Contact SCC today [email protected]

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