Get more out of your Nutanix investment with RES

shutterstock_334043420RES will announce our new RES ONE Automation Connector for Nutanix at the Nutanix. Next event in Las Vegas on June 20 – 22, 2016. This is very exciting for both Nutanix and RES customers because it can help extend Nutanix capabilities in several ways:

1. Faster, more secure and personalized digital workspaces for their workers

2. Intuitive provisioning of Nutanix resources with a self-service component 

3. Accelerated and simplified deployment of additional Nutanix infrastructure in the future


These new, powerful integrations can help Nutanix customers get more out of their Nutanix investment, while driving IT efficiency and improving their user experience. Because the RES solution can be up and running in days (not months), RES and Nutanix customers can achieve quick time to value.


What business value comes from a RES and Nutanix integration?

Drive IT efficiency through automation

• Manage every aspect of the user experience including user settings, policies and configurations from a single console with a complete audit trail

• Add a variety of application and web security controls to mitigate risks to the workspace environment

• Quickly scale up or down computing resources based on end user needs

• Utilize RES ONE Service Store subscription engine to provision computer resources to users for specific number of days, weeks or other time periods

• Automatically deprovision devices based on user role change or when offboarding workers

• Leverage hyper-converge solution for constantly changing computing resource requirements utilizing powerful workflow and policy control to manage resource allocation. For example, provision several devices to allow application engineers to test new application deployment prior to deployment to end users and cancel those devices proactively when no longer required.


Improve the user experience 

• Provide users with a consistent, stable user experience regardless of infrastructure or OS operating in the background

• Eliminate storage bottlenecks with the strong personalized user experience, resulting in a more rapid response performance from Nutanix

• Allow users to request computer resources on-demand from IT-defined parameters through the RES ONE Service Store self-service portal

• Empower the end user to manage (move, delete, power, create, template, clone) servers in Nutanix environments in real time

• Reduce user wait time for provisioning computing resources


How will customers use RES ONE Connectors for Nutanix?

Use Case: End-user request for Nutanix virtual machines via RES ONE Service Store Web Portal

The IT administrator can build services accessible to the end user via the RES ONE Service Store web portal that allow the user to request new Nutanix virtual machines. Administrators can control the resources provisioned and the number of virtual machines through Service Store workflow policies. Optional automatic return of virtual machines is possible to ensure computing resources are not wasted. Depending on the organization policy the user may have the ability to select the device configuration and operating system.


Use Case: Automated delivery and return of Nutanix virtual machines during employee or contractor onboarding and offboarding

As part of the worker onboarding process, administrators need the ability to automatically deliver IT-defined Nutanix compute resources to the user. Not only can Nutanix resources be automatically delivered to users by RES, but the RES ONE Service Store subscription engine will track the resources and automatically return in an event of a user role change or as part of an offboarding workflow.


Use Case: End-User modification and canceling of Nutanix compute resources

To remain productive, users need the flexibility to adjust their Nutanix-provisioned resources to meet their computing requirements. With RES, modifications can be made automatically without intervention by IT. Then, when the resource is no longer required, the user can proactively cancel the device through the easy-to-use self-service portal.

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