Fusion ioMemory and SanDisk NAND: The Power of Better Together

Synergy is defined as: “the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions”*. In the technology and data center arena, we have seen many examples of this, which I like to call “fusion of technologies”.

Fusion of Two great Technologies

When a camera was combined with a cell phone to create a smartphone, this resulting fusion allowed email access, phone call capability and the ability to capture critical moments forever. So where do you store all those important memories and selfies….?

Enter the fusion of flash and cloud storage. The ability for users to quickly store data and access to it from anywhere, has affected how much information we store and changed the architecture of how and where it gets stored.

The next level of fusion in my opinion is the fusion flash storage and data center servers. The challenge for data center architectures has been that server CPU and memory performance gains have outpaced hard drive (HDD) storage performance gains. But flash has changed this and PCIe is paving the way as storage in the server, close to the CPU, offers many hundreds of times the performance of traditional disk-based storage. And this means data centers can not only improve application performance, but also consolidate infrastructure by supporting more customers and transactions per server.

The Ultimate Fusion

This leads us to what is being called the ultimate fusion: Fusion ioMemory and SanDisk NAND.

Fusion ioMemory solutions were launched over 8 years ago, and are a time tested and customer-proven application acceleration solution across thousands of data centers. With multiple generations of PCIe application accelerators used and deployed by every major server OEM, this solution has been proven again and again

SanDisk NAND flash is an industry leader and storage technology people trust to store their critical data. From flash for consumer devices to phones, cameras, and enterprise storage, SanDisk is the industry-trusted name in Flash Memory. In combination with our partners, SanDisk is the biggest flash supplier in the world.

Fusion ioMemory SX350

Today SanDisk announced the Fusion ioMemory SX350. The first product benefiting from this “fusion”. The SX350 combines the proven architecture, performance and compatibility of Fusion-io with the trusted NAND flash from SanDisk. Through this synergy, we are able to offer higher performance, up to 2.4 times, and as much as 61% lower list pricing than the previous generation!

This time tested technology is the reason that customers trust Fusion and SanDisk to accelerate their business critical applications and store their valuable data. In fact, in a recent customer survey**, more than half of the customers polled had seen at least a 600% performance improvement after deploying Fusion PCIe flash products!

In comparison to the ioDrive 2 the SX350 delivers:

  • 2x the capacity for greater storage
  • 2x random read performance for increased database access
  • 2x the throughput at 2.7 GB/s sequential reads for better price/performance


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