Free Your Workers, Secure Your Enterprise.

SecurityOpen the doors for Mac, but seal them tight from vulnerabilities

It feels like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. You want to empower your workers to choose the device and applications that allow them to be most productive, and yet you also need to keep them (and the greater organization) secure.

Workers have long wanted to have more device choice, especially around Macs. Employees feel so strongly about having the best PCs, tablets, smartphones and applications to do their jobs, that they’re willing to invest their own money.

According to Forrester Research, 30% of information workers said that they would be willing to invest in their own device if given the choice. And based on shipping trends, we know Mac sales in the consumer world continue to rise. If you ask InfoWorld, Mac users account for 15 to 25% of employees in a typical organization, and this number grows as you look at business that have a more creative focus. As more Macs inevitably enter your enterprise, are your management policies maturing to protect your organization?

It’s safe to say that Mac users expect to keep their Mac experience, without the limitations often imposed on typical Windows device users. So it’s not surprising the traditional management tools fall short of user expectations. But when it comes to protecting enterprise data and avoiding costly breaches and potential downtime caused by cyberattacks, enterprises have a lot at stake.

Securing your enterprise is certainly a top priority of your executive team, while your internal customers are demanding more flexibility across their devices and new device types. How will you juggle both? Regardless of device being used, IT must help protect users from themselves. So often vulnerabilities are introduced in the enterprise by employee carelessness or just plain mistakes. With malware, ransomware and phishing attacks rising, and every click by a user presents a potential for criminals to get malicious code into your network. They key is providing an extra level of protection for users, without hindering the user experience, especially for Mac users.

Taking a systematic approach to Mac support, especially around security, and maturing your policies and best practices helps you stay ahead of the curve. Many enterprises are finding that they need to leverage additional tools to better Macs for anti-malware, encryption (Apple offers FileVault protection, but organizations may want to add enterprise management capabilities), patching and configuration. We are seeing more RES customers who are protecting themselves with dynamic approaches to cyber security.

As the influx of Macs in your enterprise pose new security challenges, we hear from our customers that RES ONE Workspace is helping them protect their user environments with advanced whitelisting/blacklisting capabilities, while still enabling those Mac users to perform their daily work and get still have that Mac experience they desire, uninterrupted and secured. Having the ability to prevent harmful or malicious files from infiltrating your network is key to enforcing the desired state of your environment. This is where RES can help by making it easier for IT implement and manage even the most daunting of whitelists across physical and virtual Windows environments and Mac operating systems.

Make that space between the rock and the hard place safer, and let RES enable you to free your workers to choose their device for maximum productivity.

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