FlexPod SF: The Latest Converged Infrastructure Innovation from Cisco and NetApp

NetApp and Cisco have just launched FlexPod® SF, a new FlexPod solution that features the NetApp® SolidFire® Element® OS running on Cisco C220 M4 servers. For the first time ever, FlexPod will be delivered on an all-Cisco hardware platform powered by Cisco software and Element OS. Together, these components will enable cloud strategies like VMware private cloud, and open, emerging operating models like DevOps and OpenStack. FlexPod offers customers proven performance, proven agility, and proven value.

FlexPod SF broadens the current FlexPod portfolio by supporting new workloads that demand scale-out flexibility, robust automation, and guaranteed performance through quality of service (QoS). These new workloads appeal not just to existing infrastructure customers, but also to cloud and virtualisation customers.

The solution provides a scale-out flash storage option for block-based iSCSI workloads within the FlexPod data centre environment. It is uniquely suited for multiworkload deployments that require guaranteed performance and robust automation capabilities.

FlexPod SF presents performance and capacity as independent, unified, and entirely separate pools. Each storage volume within the Element OS can be allocated an exact amount of capacity and performance, both of which you can change dynamically without migrating data or affecting performance. With guaranteed performance control comes the ability to consolidate a broad range of mixed applications within a single storage platform—confidently and predictably.

Additional features of the Element OS on FlexPod SF include always-on efficiencies (including clusterwide deduplication, two-layer compression, and 4K granular thin provisioning) as well as NetApp Snapshot copies, remote replication, and integrated Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) backup.

Many customers are considering building new workloads, such as DevOps workflows, creating OpenStack and container environments, or hosting web-native applications on their FlexPod infrastructure. Other customers want to build next-generation data centres and are looking for foundational elements that will scale with the business.

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