Flexible working can reduce your office space costs using Cisco collaboration tools

Taking a bolder approach to flexible working and providing more hot-desking or co-working spaces within central office locations, could save organisations a lot of money.

Aside from personnel, the biggest cost for most organisations is office premises. And while mobile working and the idea of ‘hot desking’ are by no means new, results from a recent survey into workplace productivity conducted by SCC reveal that many organisations could go much further than they have already and reduce their office space – and the cost of leasing or renting and maintaining that space – quite significantly.

We asked 550 people across a number of industries to give us their views on a range of subjects, including mobile and remote working. Amongst the many notable findings, was that 77 percent agreed their organisation is looking to reduce the cost of its office space or real estate.

Compelling case

In addition to this, other figures indicate that more people are now working from a remote location more …

  • 80 percent agreed that more employees are now working remotely on a regular basis
  • 74 percent said that at least a third of staff work away from the office at least once a week
  • 78 percent said that workers are now measured on their outcomes and outputs, rather than how many hours they spend at work

Organisations will have the need to bring employees and teams together from time to time, which opens up the potential for organisations to be much bolder in making more flexible use of their office space than they perhaps have been up to now.

We are not suggesting you go entirely virtual and abandon the concept of having a central office or location that acts as the hub and focal point for your organisation. But we do think many more organisations could look at reducing their real estate.

Capture the opportunity as collaboration moves to the cloud

The marketing for business communications and collaboration solutions is quickly moving to the cloud, which represents a once-in-a-generation technology shift. This is where Cisco Webex Calling allows cloud calling and unified communications.

How Cisco Webex can help

  • A more responsive workforce
  • Greater productivity from its mobile workforce
  • 53 percent reduction in time spent by IT managing their phone system, for businesses adopting a cloud UCaaS service

Huge benefits

The benefits of reducing the amount of space needed within a central location are huge. As well as lower lease/rental, costs for heating, lighting, security, insurance, maintenance and so on, will be reduced significantly. For employees, travel time and expenses will be cut massively.

You may have done some of this and introduced some flexible space already, but could you be doing more? We think it will be a real possibility for many organisations. With the right productivity, mobile and collaboration technology in place, you should be to enable individuals and teams to work just as effectively at remote locations or on the move as they can when they are in the office.

At SCC we have over 45 years’ experience in Making IT Work as a business enabler.

We have helped numerous organisations similar to yours adapt to the ever changing workplace by designing, implementing and managing innovative technology solutions that address productivity needs and providing the flexibility employees need to work effectively anywhere and at anytime.

Our consultative approach helps to identify what your core challenges are and allows us to build workplace solutions that address these needs.

Our portfolio of services to support the modern workplace include:

  • Unified End-point Management
  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Application Modernisation
  • Microsoft Consultancy
  • Product Provisioning
  • Service Desk
  • IT Service Management
  • End User Support





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