FastTrack To The Multi-Cloud Event | Edinburgh | 29th October 2019

Accelerate your digital transformation journey by preparing a multi-cloud IT strategy

It’s no secret digital transformation is the driving force behind a successful organisation. To stay competitive organisations need to seek the highest levels of innovation and agility.


A multi-cloud strategy enables businesses to leverage the unique features of each style of cloud whilst aiding technological flexibility. Done correctly it enables development teams to build applications that can work across providers, putting the right workload on the right platform at the right time. Success execution of a multi-cloud strategy allows for greater flexibility, IT agility, user friendly infrastructure, opportunities to dynamically scale and run applications more efficiently.


Building a successful multi-cloud strategy and plan can be complex, costly, and time prohibitive. Which may put you off the transition. However by leveraging the expertise from cloud providers such as SCC, IT organisations like yours can short-cut some of these learnings and avoid the costly mistakes.




It’s been firmly established that a multi-cloud approach could be key to fast-tracking your organisation’s digital transformation.


Want to find out how can you embark on a multi-cloud journey, in a straightforward, cost-effective way?


Our event will take place in Edinburgh on 29th October at the InterContinental Edinburgh The George. 


Join SCC and we, along with trusted vendors and partners will help you gain strategic insights and tactical advantages that will help you understand your data and workloads and give you tools to address your cloud adoption challenges.


We will demonstrate how to take advantage of cloud services, in order to boost your journey to digital.

Click here to register.

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