F5 launches new Security Operations Center

F5 has launched a new Security Operations Center (SOC) to help global enterprises counter online fraud and security attacks.

Located at the company’s headquarters in Seattle, the SOC supports customers using the Silverline™ cloud-based application services platform by providing 24/7 access to highly specialized F5 security experts who monitor global layer 4-7 attack activities in real time.

In-house security teams at global enterprises often find it difficult to stay up to date on the latest attacks and protection measures, and can face additional challenges due to the cost and complexity associated with managing security across traditional and cloud environments. F5’s SOC will help solve these issues for organisations by providing a responsive service that also offers needed visibility and context into security threats from highly specialised security experts.

The team of researchers and analysts investigates new attacks throughout the world, and maintains up-to-date information on the latest malware, zero-day and phishing attacks targeting global enterprises.

Julian Eames, EVP of Business Operations at F5, explains: “Protecting applications and enterprise data in the face of increasingly sophisticated attacks is complex and challenging. As customers deploy more enterprise-grade applications and services across traditional data center and cloud environments, the need for security services has never been greater. The full portfolio of on-premises, cloud, and hybrid security services enabled and managed by the SOC allows our customers to reduce their operational burden without jeopardizing overall application security.” 

The key benefits of F5’s SOC are that it offers threat monitoring and responses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, shuts down phishing sites efficiently and maintains up-to-date global threat intelligence. It also detects and mitigates DdoS attacks, analyzes malware, while its services can be activated quickly to support F5® WebSafe™, F5® MobileSafe™, and DDoS Protection.

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