F5 introduces new software solutions to simplify service delivery across multiple infrastructures

F5 Networks have recently introduced new software solutions to expand its offerings as well as simplify service delivery across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.

These new, lightweight solutions extend the capabilities of the F5 Synthesis™ framework to allow all applications to receive services – from basic load balancing to more advanced security and optimisation capabilities – regardless of where the applications are located.

F5® LineRate Point™ Load Balancer provides an application proxy that expands F5’s application delivery solution family with a new offering that enables customers to easily and affordably deploy layer 7 load balancing in a virtual form factor.

Point Load Balancer is quick to deploy and massively scalable for cloud service providers and enterprise Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) environments, presenting a compelling option for customers with large volumes of applications that require foundational load balancing and application proxy capabilities.

From its lightweight, agile LineRate® solutions up through its advanced BIG-IP® offerings, F5 makes it easy for organizations to deploy versatile and cost-effective application delivery services with both virtual and physical products.

Specifically, F5’s LineRate, BIG-IP, and Volume Licensing Subscription options enable customers to transition from simple availability functions to more advanced services as needed to support business priorities.

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