Enterprise mobility is under attack, but few businesses realise it

Most businesses have no idea whether the mobile devices connected to their network have been breached. And that’s just the way cybercriminals want it.

Three things are certain about mobile cyberattacks: the hackers are highly skilled, they’re well-funded, and they’re extremely persistent. Register for our webinar, entitled “Diagnosing the Evolving Mobile Threat Landscape” to understand how hackers target enterprise mobile devices and the ingenious approaches they use.

Join our webinar to learn:
• How hackers employ the latest tools to breach enterprise mobile devices
• How forward-thinking businesses are protecting their mobile fleet against advanced attacks
• Why IDC named SandBlast Mobile the leading mobile threat management solution
Please register now to attend the session that best fits your schedule:

Tuesday, April 17th, 9:00 AM PDT | 12:00 PM EDT – Register Here…
Tuesday, April 17th 2:00 PM CEST – Register Here …

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