Discover the power of the Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience

Get hands-on with this unique, risk-free opportunity to explore Microsoft 365 solutions in a “true-to-life” environment

Helping you do business anywhere, anytime

Working remotely is fast becoming a success as a non-traditional working environment but it still comes not without challenges. The issues that have plagued the workplace as it tries to evolve into a more flexible business model is the balance of ease of use for employees against the security concerns and risks of the transformation.

Whatever the challenge your business is facing, whether it’s mobile productivity, employee engagement or information security, Microsoft has a solution.

The Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) gives you a first-hand look at the Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools in a true-to-life environment. Furthermore, you will be able step into the driver’s seat and experience how you can tackle everyday business situations quickly and swiftly with the multiple facets of Microsoft products; from connecting with your employees and encouraging collaboration to securely working remotely anywhere, anytime.

So why not register onto our Microsoft CIE and experience these powerful products for yourself?

What can you expect to gain from a Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience?

Knowing that your time is valuable, this has been specially designed for professionals like yourself. The CIE is not your typical walkthrough or standard demo, it’s a completely immersive experience that will get you engaged and learning more about Microsoft productivity tools and technologies, including:


Powered by Microsoft Surface, discover the benefits of having a streamlined user experience across all Microsoft Surface devices.



Learn how to access Office apps and those important documents wherever you are in the world



See how you can improve business communications through newsfeeds, blogs and other social features.



Discover how you can raise the level of protection and monitor security across your identities, data and devices


So why not Click HERE to register onto our Microsoft CIE Experience and experience these powerful products for yourself
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