Discover and Visualize your Dynamic IT Infrastructure

It’s true: you can’t manage what you can’t see. To get the most from your infrastructure applications and devices, you need to identify and understand what you have. But with ever-growing infrastructure complexity, and with the increasing need to align IT resources and services with business functions and goals, organisations today have to see—so they can manage—more deeply than ever before. Infrastructure visibility today means knowing not only which applications and devices are deployed across the organization, but how they are configured and connected. It means being able to:

• Identify dependencies
• Constantly see whether applications and devices remain compliant with internal policies and regulatory standards
• Quickly review and visualize data on how applications, interconnections and dependencies have changed over time
• Integrate capabilities and findings with tools for business service management, event management, application performance management and root-cause analysis

IBM Application Discovery Manager provides automated mapping and inventory of your IT estate, allowing you to optimise your IT and cloud for better visibility and easier management.

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