Disaster Recovery for Azure IaaS Virtual Machines

disaster-recovery-virtual-machinesWe are excited to announce the public preview of Disaster Recovery (DR) for Azure VMs using Azure Site Recovery (ASR). This has been one of the most asked features from customers running production workloads on Azure. Given the increase in the willingness of customers to host mission critical production workloads on Azure in the recent past, DR solution has become a key ask from multiple customers for compliance reasons. From all the customer feedback and field engagement we had in private preview, we expect this scenario to be one of the key differentiators for customers to choose Azure over other public clouds to host their production workloads.

‘Disaster Recovery for Azure IaaS applications’ offers a native DR solution for customers. It extends ASR’s existing functionality, and further simplifies the onboarding experience for customers.

  • Offered “as-a-Service” – You do not need any additional software infrastructure (VMs or appliances) in your Azure subscription to enable this functionality.
  • Simplified experience Enabling cross-region DR for an application is so simple that all you need to do is select the VMs you want to protect, choose a target Azure region, select replication settings and you are good to go.
  • Application-aware recovery – Whether you are an application owner, disaster recovery admin or a managed service provider, ASR lets you stay in control at all times – you can decide when and how to orchestrate a failover.
  • Non-disruptive DR drills – With ASR’s test failover capability, you can easily perform a DR drill anytime without any impact to the primary production workload or to ongoing replication, giving you the confidence that your DR solution will work when you need it.

The scenario is available in all public regions where ASR is currently available. In the next few weeks, the scenario will be available in sovereign clouds. The pricing remains same as other “to Azure” scenarios of ASR and customers can take advantage of OMS licenses.

SCC has a set of in-house resources that specialise in Disaster Recovery solutions.  We ensure the right fit for the right use case is attained delivering value to our customers.

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