Desktops Top the Spending List

Desktop SpendingThe latest State of IT report from the information network firm, Spiceworks, reveals that IT professionals planned to spend 21% of their 2016 hardware budgets on desktops. They will spend 19% on servers, 16% on laptops and 10% on networking. The report also identifies end-of life of a product (67%) as the top incentive to purchase, closely followed by growth in their organisations needs (64%) and upgrade/refresh cycles (57%). New tech features only score 25% as a reason to buy.

The report also says that while most IT pros name security is a top priority, only half believe their company’s data is adequately protected. Three-quarters (74%) said that high-profile breaches have done nothing to influence policy; 62% said admitted they do not conduct regular security audits and 59% that they don’t invest adequately in security.

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