Dell-EMC Makes a Bid for Finance Deals

As more customers warm to the idea of subscribing for hardware as well as software and services, Dell-EMC is working to raise awareness of the leasing options available via Dell Financial Services.

Dell Financial Services wants to establish a strong relationship with channel partners and to contributing to the overall success of their business. It’s well worth finding out what it can offer.

Zero percent is available on enterprise and workstations and 1.99% on client systems. A web-based Financing Connect tool includes a Lease Calculator for quote generation and a simple credit application.

The Campaign Builder provides access to marketing resources, co-branded brochures, banners and campaigns.

Research by Dell Technologies has showed that 78% of business leaders feel threatened by start-ups and 66% of companies plan to invest in IT infrastructure and digital skills leadership

Figures from IDC IT Buyer Perceptions, Strategies and Requirements, June 2012 showed that 79% of customers indicated that reducing costs is an important benefit of financing. Another 60% indicated that the ability to finance TOTAL solutions is an important benefit.

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