Data Centre Efficiency Solutions

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, IT has to strive to stay ahead of new challenges, boost performance, introduce additional services, and improve availability – while also cutting acquisition and operating costs. Without flexible IT systems, businesses won’t be as agile or efficient as they need to be and IT costs will continue to increase.

Even though many businesses have already undertaken some level of consolidation or virtualisation, there is often potential to extend the benefits across much more of their IT infrastructure. Consolidation and virtualisation provide a range of advantages, but they also help businesses to move towards realising the additional cost savings and agility improvements that cloud computing offers.

Whether your business is in the consolidation, virtualisation, or cloud computing stage, Oracle has pre-integrated engineered systems and best-of-breed server & storage components that can help you reduce risk and quickly generate operational & cost benefits. In addition, Oracle’s enterprise management solutions can also drive asset utilisation up to 70% to maximise the efficiency of your IT operations and simplify management of complex systems.

Download this whitepaper to understand how your business can Strive for Simplicity.

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