Cybersecurity is everyone’s priority in 2016

NetApp Image - Cybersecurity is everyones priorityHigh profile cyber security breaches blighted 2015 as hacks on global websites were frequent and well documented and scores of terabytes of valuable data were released to the world.

As a result of this deluge of attacks, there has never been a more pertinent time for the need for a solid and all-encompassing cybersecurity solution. The protection and security of data is at the core of data management in its entire lifecycle.

Krish Arani, Vice President and Managing Director for NetApp across East Asia, highlights the fact that Singapore has one of the highest internet penetration figures globally, and in October of last year the government stated that up to 10% of Singapore’s IT budget will be spent on upgrading cybersecurity measures. They also urged private businesses to follow suit.

Arani says: “NetApp typically advises customers to work with a trusted cloud service provider (CSP) who is able to offer robust security measures. In this day and age, it is imperative for companies to be adequately prepared with the necessary counter measures in the face of cyber-attacks.”

NetApp recommends looking for these top 3 characteristics when sourcing a trusted CSP:

  1. A successful track record – you need a proven solution, so look for positive customer testimonials, similar deployments and experience rather than focussing solely on a cost-effective solution.
  2. Strong technical expertise – ensure data protection and security is a priority for the provider and that the cloud architecture they provide is designed equally for optimal performance and security.
  3. Strategic partnerships – the CSP that you select should have the capability to scale with you and therefore having strong technology partnerships are critical to the overall solution they offer.


Using the right technology should enable businesses to predict, pre-empt and even prevent critical damage to their IT infrastructure and ensure minimal downtime. A strong and secure cybersecurity framework requires proactivity and incident response management should be seen as a shared responsibility between CSPs and their customers.

(Adapted from original blog article written by Krish Arani, Vice President and Managing Director, NetApp East Asia, published 20th January:

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