Clearswift’s ARgon for Email – straightforward, rapidly realised Data Loss Prevention for everyone

Clearswift have recently launched ARgon for Email, a new, world-first adaptive data loss prevention (DLP) solution.

ARgon is powered by Clearswift’s unique, award-winning Adaptive Redaction (AR) technology enabling organisations to easily implement adaptive DLP functionality within their existing email security infrastructure, reducing risk from next generation inbound and outbound information threats.

As a Gold Partner, SCC recognises ARgon for Email as a game-changer within the DLP industry. Organisations have, for too long, seen DLP as expensive and proprietary and above all, limited in flexibility with an archaic ‘stop and block’ nature. ARgon eradicates these limitations, offering low-cost compatibility and the ability to adapt.

Unique in its application, ARgon co-exists with incumbent email security providers, overcoming the age-old problem of costs associated with a rip and replace strategy. Ease and speed of deployment is another key benefit, enabling organisations to quickly realise an adaptive security model, a must for today’s agile organisation.

Never more than today has data loss from accidental or malicious insiders had a critical impact for businesses. New research from Clearswift has highlighted that 73% of the data breaches in 2014 were from the direct cause of the extended enterprise, compared to just 58% only 2 years ago. This is no small matter for organisations – the most prominent concerns associated with data loss are reputational damage (48%), a loss of customers or market share (53%) and loss of competitive advantage (48%) – making it a company-wide issue.

Data protection regulation is moving swiftly up the agenda in both the business and political spheres, with new legislation expected to appear in the EU by the end of the year, bringing with it harsh penalties for those who don’t comply. 78% of decision makers are considering a DLP solution in order to comply with the new rules and with financial and reputational damage at risk.

With regulation and the insider threat driving the need for a stringent DLP approach, yet an agile and openly collaborative actuality being demanded by the business; ARgon negates this paradox.

ARgon for Email, from Clearswift.

Straightforward, rapidly realised Data Loss Prevention for everyone.

Available now from SCC.

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