Cisco Midyear Security Report highlights need to reduce Time to Detection

The Cisco 2015 Midyear Security Report, released this week, has highlighted the need for retrospective analysis to reduce Time to Detection (TTD).

The report analyses threat intelligence and cyber security trends and has now revealed the critical need for organisations to reduce TTD in order to remediate against sophisticated attacks by highly motivated threat actors.

The digital economy and the Internet of Everything (IoE) are set to create new attack vectors and monetisation opportunities for adversaries and the Angler Exploit Kit represents the new types of common threats that will emerge to challenge organisations.

Cisco’s report demonstrates that new risks associated with Flash, the evolution of ransomware and the Dridex mutating malware campaign reinforce the need for reduced TTD. With the digitisation of business and the IoE, malware and threats become ever more pervasive, and this throws the security industry’s estimates of 100 to 200 days for TTD into sharp focus.

In contrast to this, the average TTD for Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), which provides retrospective analysis of attacks that make it past existing defenses, is just 46 hours.

The report findings also emphasise the need for businesses to deploy integrated solutions vs. point products, work with trustworthy vendors, and enlist security services providers for guidance and assessment. Furthermore, geopolitical experts have asserted that a global cyber governance framework is required in order to sustain economic growth.

John N. Stewart, Senior Vice President, Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cisco, said: “Organisations cannot just accept that compromise is inevitable, even if it feels like it today. The technology industry must up the game and provide reliable and resilient products and services, and the security industry must provide vastly improved, yet meaningfully simplified, capabilities for detecting, preventing and recovering from attacks.

“This is where we are leading. We are regularly told that business strategy and security strategy are the top two issues for our customers, and they want trusted partnerships with us. Trust is tightly linked to security, and transparency is key so industry-defining security capabilities and trustworthy solutions across all product lines.”

Watch the video of John Chambers, Cisco Chairman and John N. Stewart, Cisco SVP and Security and Trust Officer discuss the Top Insights from 2015 Cisco Midyear Security Report.

Click here to download a copy of the Cisco 2015 Midyear Security Report.

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