Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Solutions

Cisco can offer businesses Meraki Cloud Managed Solutions.

Although traditionally Meraki have been known for their wireless networking products which offer ease of installation, use, and management, it’s fair to say they’ve come a long way over the last few years – now offering enterprise level security (MX); switching (MS) and Mobile Device Management (MDM).




The Meraki portfolio can be split into:

  • Network infrastructure: IWAN, switching, Wi-Fi, bonjour gateway and routing.
  • Unified threat management: Intrusion prevention, next-generation firewall, auto VPN and content filtering.
  • Mobile management: User management, device management and application management.

While the Meraki cloud management platform can be used to manage the Meraki infrastructure, customers do not need to run two independent platforms as Meraki cloud platform integrates with Prime Infrastructure at an API level.

The Meraki platform, with its breadth of devices, truly opens the door for the products to be used by large enterprises, particularly for managing branch offices and remote locations. Managing distributed networks is typically a big pain for IT departments, but Meraki enables infrastructure to be effectively managed across the globe from a central location.

The user analytics, CMX (Connected Mobile Experience), already built into the access points at no extra cost can provide invaluable information about the employees, customers, and the devices accessing the network with a range of uses revealing visitor traffic trends, dwell times and new vs. repeat visitor loyalty.

Don’t just take our word for it, you can read/view some of Meraki’s own customer case studies such as The National Gallery, Ladbrokes, and Wales & West Housing on the Meraki website simply highlighting how the Meraki solutions solve their specific business challenges and provide truly scalable deployments that are manageable via the Meraki dashboard in the cloud.

Interested in learning more? Feel free to register for one of Cisco Meraki webinars which include a live demo of the cloud management platform and you can get a free Meraki Access Point for attending:


For more information, please contact your SCC Account Manager, call 0121 281 8611 or email [email protected].

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