Cisco Makes Funding IT Projects Easier With Zero Percent Finance Scheme

Organisations can now take advantage of the easylease 0% finance scheme to acquire Cisco systems and networking solutions. According to an industry survey, 73% of customers look to solve the ‘how-to-fund’ question early in the process, before pricing or seeking quotations (Forrester, Financing in the Current Macroeconomic Environment Findings from France, Germany, UK, March 2014).

Cisco has been listening to the market and taking feedback about changing customer attitudes on board. The easylease programme is really positive as means customers can make the right investment at the right time.

The current easylease 0% offering is available under current terms and conditions until the end of July. Lease agreement durations are for 36 months and the minimum solution size is £1,000, the maximum £200,000. Minimum spend on Cisco equipment must equal 70% of the total purchase price (including hardware, software and services). Hardware must equal 10% of your spend on Cisco products. All orders must be processed before close of business on 31 July 2016.

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