CAT S31, S52 and S61 – Hygiene First – when smart means clean

CAT Phones – Built to be cleaned easily for those who must keep on working

We interact with our mobile device thousands of times every day, and often press it to our faces, which means that any bacteria or other germ that is on the hard surfaces of your phone could easily transfer to your skin.

Luckily, all CAT Phones are rugged and can be cleaned easily and thoroughly.  As a rugged phone, scrubbing brushes, cloths or towels, paper towels, disinfecting wipes or similar items can be used without worrying about excessive wiping causing damage to the screen or any other part of the phone.  These phones have been tested to survive the deepest of cleans and hand sanitisers, anti-bacterial sprays and alcohol wipes can be generously applied.

Benefits of a the CAT S31, S52 and S61 Smartphones

  • Can be submerged in hot water and soap
  • Bleach wipe tested with 3000 cycles
  • Real world chemically susceptibility tested
  • Alcohol abrasion tested by 500GF/VM2 with 100 cycles
  • Sweat tested at 8.8PH levels for 48 hours

For more information:

Click HERE to download the CAT S61 datasheet

Click HERE to download the CAT S52 datasheet

To download a copy of the CAT Phones Hygiene guide, click HERE

To visit the CAT phone website, Click HERE

To download and view the CAT Phones Hygiene video , Click HERE

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