Captivate the class with Samsung’s Interactive Displays

Samsung’s Interactive Displays bring learning to life. They give teachers everything they need to transform a static lesson into an engaging and inspiring learning experience that students will love. Our intuitive Interactive Displays make it easy to show and share ideas, break down complex subjects and access a wealth of educational apps and resources. From primary school to university, our Interactive Displays help captivate your class and give teachers and students More Good Days.

Interactive Display key features:

Classy design
Regardless of space, positioning or the layout of your classroom, we have an Interactive Display to suit your needs. Our displays come in a variety of sizes up to 82” and they each feature rounded edges and tempered glass to keep your classroom free from accidents. With modern black metal designs, narrow bezels, detail-rich images and an anti-glare overlay that stops bright light from getting in the way of learning, our Interactive Displays look great and are great to look at.

Easy to use
A front pen tray is built in to the Interactive Display for easy storage and accessibility. Plus, with hot keys on the front and side of the tray you can quickly open your most used features and functions to get the lesson started swiftly.

Made for multimedia
You can easily control, display and shuffle multiple screens and various text, images, audio and video content to build a creative and engaging lesson. Samsung’s Interactive Displays are compatible with standard Office software programs too, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, so you can bring content to life and update, save and share files with the class.

Great connectivity
Samsung’s Interactive Displays support a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and cloud computing, so students can access, share and revise content on the large display through their own laptop, tablet or smartphone. Cloud computing helps to create a wireless classroom environment for students to learn and collaborate, but external devices can also be connected to the Interactive Displays to bring in additional content. The displays support HDMI, D-Sub, DisplayPort (DP), DVI and USBs.

Collaborate with your class
Make learning more involving and collaborative by using the Interactive Display’s hand-touch function, which enables up to 10 different people to edit, comment and make selections on screen at the same time. A handy eraser tool is also available so you can quickly revise or remove large areas of content without having to search through lots of work.

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