BP Accelerator Workshop

Developing compelling and effective marketing campaigns can be a challenge that requires time and insight – This interactive workshop can help.

During the workshop experienced facilitators will use best practise to inspire and guide you through the process of creating effective digital marketing campaigns. A crucial part of the day will be to share with you how to access IBM tools to drive your digital strategy.

Areas covered will include:

• Value proposition creation – what does good look like
• Segmentation – who to target for maximum impact
• Support and tools from IBM – making the process more efficient and effective
• Creating a campaign plan – How do you prepare for longer term campaigns
• Post workshop support – to help you on your journey

Who should attend?

If you are responsible for creating or managing sales and marketing campaigns, this workshop is ideally suited to you.

We look forward to seeing and working with you on the day in order to maximise your marketing potential and drive business growth.


09.30Welcome, Introductions and objectives
What is Marketing and dynamic Marketing environment?
Value Propositions in a digital world
Coffee Break
Segmentation – Can you segment in Social?
Value Proposition – How to identify yours
13.00 – 13.45Lunch
Building a Digital Campaign
Practical demonstration of the IBM Tools –
DCM tool


When: Thursday 18th June

TD Azlan,

The Curve,

Axis Park,




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