Benefits of Software Assurance

Software AssuranceMicrosoft’s Software Assurance (SA) Service offers a wide range of benefits to corporate users. The core premise behind SA is to give users the ability to spread payments over several years, while offering “free” upgrades to newer versions during that time period.

Microsoft differentiates License and Software Assurance. Customers may purchase (depending on the program), a license without SA; SA only (but only to be used in combination with an existing license), both a License and SA together. The three possibilities are not always available, depending on the program (single license or volume license).

There is a huge list of benefits to using Microsoft SA, the key areas include:

  • Access to a wide range of support and training;
  • Licensing availability;
  • Spread payment options;
  • Management and deployment.

Click here to view and compare benefits across different Microsoft Software Assurance Services


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