Autodesk Next to Raise Prices – 5-20% Increase as of 7 May

Autodesk-logoAutodesk on path to Subscription-Only Company

In a move similar to Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription-only model switch in 2013, Autodesk has recently contacted customers defining their new company strategy.

We believe that subscribing is the best way for you to get the value from our tools and technologies – and will fundamentally change how we deliver extended capabilities and new functionalities through connected services.

With our move to subscription, one thing has become clear to us – managing two business models (subscriptions and maintenance plans) is quite costly.

The subscription-only model is now almost taking over the perpetual model for cloud services take-up (Azure, Office365, AWS, etc.). The fact it offers a route to the latest version, comprehensive support and maintenance provides a lower cost of entry for businesses, however, this may not be suitable for every customer. The ever recurring CapEx vs OpEx debate being one of the main protagonists!

Interestingly, Adobe found customer feedback to this was such that they had to scale up their subscription based model for some of their products.  This may happen for Autodesk, we will have to wait and see.

The bad news…

If you wish to continue with your current perpetual model and avoiding the subscription model, your maintenance costs will increase, from May 7th, by:

  • 5% in 2017
  • 10% in 2018
  • 20% in 2019

All maintenance plans can only be renewed on a single year basis, no multiyear deals will be available.

The good news…

For existing Autodesk customers that have current maintenance plans, the take-up of a new subscription plan will be heavily discounted, from June 2017:

  • 60% off a new subscription in 2017
  • 55% off the subscription in 2018
  • 50% off the subscription in 2019

All subscription plans have the ability to lock in pricing over a three year term and continue the discount for as long as you renew.

Contact SCC to help optimise your Autodesk usage and increase your processes around Adobe software procurement strategy through our SCC SMART-BUY service. This service can model your current situation through either subscription-only and perpetual models to find the correct fit for you. In addition, our Compliance & Optimisation SAM Service will offer a detailed view on what actual usage you currently consume, to ensure you buy at the right level.

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