Atlantis CX4 Cuts HyperScale Down to Size for Mid-Market Customers

ServerAtlantis Computing has responded to the growing level of mid-market enquires for hyper-converged solutions by launching a two-node 4TB version for HP, Cisco and Lenovo platforms, with support for Dell to be added soon as well.

Supporting both vSphere and XenServer, the Atlantis CX4 is ideal for VDI, Exchange, databases and other workloads that require need maximum performance and capacity in a small form factor. In addition, it also offers snapshots and remote backup capability.

With the addition of the CX4 option, Azlan can now offer to build, ship, and install all Atlantis converged server options with 4TB, 12TB or 24TB all-flash systems for all these leading server vendor brands. Offering all-flash performance at costs 50% to 90% lower than alternative solutions, Atlantis provides tremendous freedom of choice, scalability and value.

David White, Desktop Transformation Practice Manager at Azlan, says: ‘The Atlantis CX4 takes hyper-convergence to a new level. It allows customers to invest in the server technology of their choice with the best software and enterprise functionality, designed and priced for mid-market customers. It is an excellent option for organisations looking to scale-out their data centre and boost performance with minimal complexity and cost.’

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