Are your Customers Ready to Repel Ransomware?

RansomewareMore than four out of five (83%) resellers see ransomware attacks as the main threat – but most are not ready to counter any such attack. In a survey carried out for WatchGuard, 45% of resellers said they believed less than half of their customers would have the right tools and measures in place to deal with the threat.

In a separate report looking at cybersecurity more widely, threat intelligence firm, DomainTools, found that more than one in four organisations have been breached in the past 12 months, while 23% said they were unsure if their defences had been penetrated or not. When asked to rate their cybersecurity, 43% gave themselves a score of ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘F’, or ‘non-existent’, while only 15 percent gave themselves an ‘A.

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