Are You Ready For Office 2016?

Office 2016Microsoft has now launched Office 2016, the first version of the productivity suite that has been built from the ground up for mobility and the cloud.

Office 2016 sits neatly with Windows 10 and will provide the latest generation of users with the flexible, fluid productivity they need. The new features and enhancements include a capability to co-author documents simultaneously and a new Share feature that makes it simple to provide other users with access to any document.  In Outlook you can attach documents straight from your recent items and Mail Triage learns how you prioritise your mail and places low priority messages in a separate folder.

Smart Lookup feature makes it easier to check facts and explore terms that you have used in documents by using Bing-powered Smart Lookup. One-Click Forecasting in Excel allows you to can create charts that predict future trends.

OneDrive and Skype integration make Office 2016 even more powerful and of course, you can use the software on any platform or device you wish, switching between them across Windows, Android, and Apple environments, all with a consistent look and familiar user experience.

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