AOPEN Chrome Devices are Perfect for Digital Signage

aopen-chromeAOPEN’s Chromebox Commercial and Chromebase Commercial devices for digital signage solutions are ideal for use in schools, hospitals or public spaces.  Built to last and run 24/7, both devices provide robust, reliable, secure and affordable platforms for signage, kiosk and POS applications.

At only 25mm high, the AOPEN ChromeBox it will fit behind displays using a VESA mount. It is a shock- and vibration-resistant solid-state device with a wide-operating temperature range and with built-in hardware encryption and verified boot, can’t be interfered with by users. It is ideal for use with Chrome Kiosk Management licenses, making it cost-effective to deploy and manage.

The AOPEN Chromebase offers similar qualities with a 22-inch multi-touch panel display. It is waterproof and has a toughened glass front, tamperproof cable and mounting, while a fanless design keeps dust out. Both devices can be used with any content management solution for Chrome.

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