Aiptek Projectors Can Catch the Eye

AiptekThe eye-catching range of mini-projectors from Taiwanese manufacturer, Aiptek, are now fully available in the UK. Aiptek makes a range of innovative and fun devices designed mainly for mobile users and some of its products are truly innovative and outstanding.

The compact MobileCinema i70is a Pico projector, for example, is designed for use with any kind of mobile device. It has embedded WiFi and runs on rechargeable batteries. It has an HDMI port and supports Airplay or Miracast. Unusually for a small projector, it has a DLP chip and thus delivers the kind of output you might expect from a large cinema projector.

The iBeamBlock is a modular projection system consisting of HD projector, a 4.5-inch multi-touch Windows 10 tablet and a battery. The components are stacked cordlessly and held together with magnets and Pogo-Pins. Content can be provides from the tablet or via HDMI, USB, Micro-USB or WiFi.

One step up from this, the P800 is billed by Aiptek as ‘the first HD projection system with integrated 360° sound system and high-performance touch-screen tablet.’  It would equally at home in the home, on the move or in the office. A unique quad-directional, eight-speaker arrangement (40 watts) provides plenty of power.

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