Activity Trackers Set to Lead the Market for 2017

Activity TrackerActivity trackers continue to lead the way and look set to dominate this sector for 2017.  FitBit and Misfit were grabbing a lot of attention with their streamlined designs and this is clearly the direction of travel for the mainstream market now. Withings also played a strong card with the new Steel HR, which is the first activity tracker with heart rate monitoring to offer a long-lasting battery life – up to 25 days. It also looks great – like a normal, smart chronograph watch.

More innovation was evident in other areas and one product that really caught the eye (sorry) was the Avegant Glyph Personal Theatre headset. This product looks like a pair of headphones but the strap is designed to go over your eyes and inside that strap are two screens that beam HD video. The result is an immersive visual and audio experience, but one that is not entirely shut off from your surroundings. This is an interesting half-way house to VR and could be used for viewing 360-degree video.

The SUBPAC – a wearable vibrating ‘speaker’ that pulses sound through your body. It sounds strange but it has lots of potential applications. VR gaming obviously, but it can also enhance sound for DJs, producers and engineers and the deaf and hard-of-hearing. The motto is ‘one you feel sound, you won’t go back to just hearing it’.

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